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After you read this blog, you won't want to read any other blog again. You won't want to read this one either. You'll have given up on blogs at that point.
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Nov. 16th, 2004 @ 12:26 pm Hello, World
My first post! I am now a trendy blogger, with all sorts of crazy opinions to add to the cacophony of blogosphere noise. I plan on writing a whole political spiel on why we can't invade Saudi Arabia, and my argument has very little to do with oil or economics in general. I'm also going to post (belatedly) my analysis of the two candidates that I wrote about two months ago. Not that there's any interest in that whatsoever anymore now that Bush won, but what the heck. Gotta post *something*...

Anyway, this is exciting for me. Who knows - maybe this will turn into something :-)

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